Our story

The MAKEUPHOLICS community has started in 2015. The day my instagram page was created. What inspired me to create this page and community was all the love and people makeup brought together. All around the world you see millions of people who are all very different from eachother being creative and showing their emotions through makeup.

It is beautiful to see how many different ways you can go with makeup...since the day I started this account a lot has changed, you see makeup trends come by and go. It inspired me to create something that will always be used and in a fun way for everyone.

I had this idea to create something fun and original in my mind since forever, but I never fully knew what the final product would be. After a very long time of thinking and coming up with ideas the final product is here.

The Lash Diary!

Maybe you think you have seen it all, but a product like this will always be loved in your makeup collection. It's suitable for everyone from beginners to pro's!

Because of it having three lashes included, it is perfect for anyone who wants to try different kinds of lashes without having to go through the long search for 'natural, medium or extra lashes'.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting my business and for joining me on this amazing makeup journey, you are all loved and appreciated!