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The Lash Diary

The Lash Diary includes three very different kinds of lashes suitable for every occasion;

The Morning lashes: very natural lashes. 

The Day lashes: natural lashes with an extra whispy touch.

The Night lashes: extra voluminous and fluffy lashes.


And to make the experience even easier, we included a lash tweezer to help you apply the lashes effortlessly.


Why three different lashes?

We created the Lash Diary based on our own struggles in the beauty industry. Sometimes you like to have a natural makeup look when you're out, and sometimes you wouldn't mind an extra touch to your look. 

We tried many different styles till we got to these three perfect natural, medium and extra voluminous lashes.

With these three lashes you won't need to look for the perfect pair to wear on a 'Night' out, or a subtle 'Morning' brunch, since every style is already ready to be used inside of the Lash Diary.







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